Sunday, 28 February 2016

Review: Cauldron of Mischief

In early November last year I was planning to cosplay Horo from Spice and Wolf for MCM Birmingham Comic Con. Due to a lack of time and personal skill/experience I was unsure I would be able to make the ears and tail in time for the event as well as the outfit. Cauldron of Mischief offered
her services to me to make them both for me and knowing her previous high levels of experience in making cosplay props I knew I could trust in her. 

She kept me informed along the whole process of her making them, this included when the fabric was ordered, when it arrived and regularly updated me with progress photos. She also was kind enough to transport the wig and tail to the event itself with her and hand them over to me there which I really appreciated. 

I was thrilled when I saw them, they were really well made and the fur fabric is of an excellent quality. The waistband fitted comfortably around me so the tail sat naturally. The ears were of a perfect scale and were attached to very strong grip clips so they stayed put in my wig all day. I can't express enough how cuddly and big the tail was, it matched perfectly with my height and the shape was very realistic!
All in all this was an excellent commission and a very reasonable price at £50. I will definitely
be interested in commissioning from Cauldron of Mischief again.

Below are some images of the products being worn, as you can see they looked great!

photo taken by Faye R, edited by me

photo taken by Faye R, edited by me

Photo Set: Hope @ Birmingham MCM Comic Con November 2015

Another great set from Birmingham MCM last year, this time with Moonlily cosplaying Hope from Final Fantasy XIII. 

Photoset: Mako Mankanshoku nendoroid

These are from 2014 but I realised I never posted them all! So here's a set I did when I got my Mako nendoroid. She's from Kill la Kill which is one of my all time favourite animes. I've watched it four times all the way through now, maybe you think I'm silly for that but I just really enjoy it. Mako is so energetic and keeps everyone's morale up when times are low. I even cosplayed her! 

Photo set: LittleGeeky at Birmingham MCM Comic Con November 2015

My dear friend LittleGeeky let me take some photos of her cosplay at this event last year and I only just realised I never posted the full photoset myself. So here we go, she cosplayed Chii from Chobits on the Saturday and Wan from Avatar on the Sunday. One thing I really admire about LG is her ability to be so flexible in cosplays, she looks totally adorable and gentle as Chii but also looks strong and mature as Wan. It's great! I really enjoyed working with her and I hope we get to do it again this year! LG is also an awesome videographer and you can check out her video of Birmingham MCM and other events here

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Photoset: Evangelion 'Roses for the Dead'

This has been a project I've spent a long time editing on and off. I have posted a few images from the set across social media over the past few months but now I have finally finished the whole set! I wanted to try and convey the emotional journey each of the characters experience throughout the story of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The characters featured in this photo set are Rei, Kaworu and Asuka.

Enjoy x